Learning German for English Speakers


For sure knowing English makes learning German much easier (most of the time!).

For those of you who have a good command of the English language, you can find many YouTube channels that will certainly help you learn German. One of the best channels there is Learn German with Jenny. This tutor has a very good teaching approach, moreover she covers a wide aspect of the things one needs to focus on when learning the language (Grammar, listening comprehension, frequently used words, verbs and phrases). Besides, Jenny covers all levels from A1 „absolute beginner“ till C1 „advanced“. Her lessons are grouped and organized in a very professional way!! .. Enjoy!!

–> Below are links to her videos on YouTube:

1). Deutsch A1:


2). Deutsch A2:


3). Deutsch B1:


3). Deutsch B2:


4). Deutsch C1:


5). Grammer:


COSMO Refugee Radio

——————————— De ———————————

Mit „Refugee Radio“ sendet COSMO ein Format für Flüchtlinge. Montags – freitags um 5 vor 12 gibt es Informationen und Service auf Arabisch.

——————————— En ———————————

COSMO’s program for refugees in Arabic: latest news on the situation and political discussion in Germany; information about healthcare services, legal matters, integration and volunteering.
——————————— Ar ع ———————————

يقدم راديو اللاجئين „كوزموس“ أخباراً باللغة العربية تتناول أحدث المستجدات السياسية، ما الذي يتتم مناقشته حالياً في ألمانيا، بالإضافة إلى معلومات عن الخدمات الصحية، قضايا قانونية تخص اللاجئين، الاندماج في المجتمع الألماني والأعمال التطوعية

——————————— Link ———————————


Filme über Kinder in Kitas

In Deutschland gehen viele Kinder schon früh in den Kindergarten oder eine Kindertagesstätte, auch Kita genannt. Warum das sinnvoll ist, kann man in verschiedenen Sprachen über diese Seite sehen:

In Germany, many children go to the nursery or a day-care center called Kita pretty early. Why this is useful, you can see in different languages via this page:


Hier der Film auf arabisch || See the film in arabic:

Abschied von Professor Hantosh

Herr Hantosh, der schon in der Turnhalle in Birkach untergebracht war und dann in der Unterkunft Ohnholdstraße lebte, kehrt zurück in den Irak. Das SWR-Fernsehen hat jetzt einen schönen Bericht über ihn in der Landesschau gebracht. Unbedingt anschauen:


Wir wünschen ihm ein gutes Ankommen bei seiner Familie und hoffen, dass wir irgendwie in Kontakt bleiben können.

Introduction to Linux


A lot of us use computers on a daily basis. For those who are interested in knowing more about Operating Systems (OS), Linus is the most important OS to learn and work with.

If you are interested in knowing more about Linus, you can follow the online course Introduction to Linux offered by the Linux Foundation. on the MOOC platform edX (which is basically a website that hosts online university-level courses in a wide range of disciplines).

After you register for a free account on edX (You can also login using your Facebook account), you will be able to pursue the course which is offered in English (English transcripts are also available!)

Link:    Introduction to Linux

PS. : There are many more courses in different fields of science that can help you prepare for your universities studies (if you are planning to apply to a university), or just to learn new things!!