Hallo, Hello, Salam or Namastay

Hope everyone is fine and doing well.

when i came first to Germany. I was in Karlsruhe and i spend there 21 days. And we were living in a Army camp which was  in the forest. I still feel the smell of those trees. I Loved that place and then they transfer us to Birkach. I had friends in Karlsruhe. When they Transferred us from there to Stuttgart, I had to leave them. which was a very sad time for me. The same situation now. I found some Good people in BIrkach and made friendship with them and i lift them because of the Government Laws of transferring people from one place to another.

Thomas, we miss you at our new place. He has started a very Good project to help the refugees with the laptops. Its very convenient for the refugees to accumulate there documents and place them in a single place like computer. This happened because of sir Thomas. Thank you so much for doing this for the refugees.

I have heard that he is doing this project in the other areas of Stuttgart and he wish to do it for all the refugees of Stuttgart.

So he will need the help of Loving and caring people of Germany for more laptops.

The People Of Birkach

I miss the loving people, i don’t know their complete names also!!! sorry!

Martin Hinderer (The  one who told me not to LOSE HOPE) i am very thank full to him for this kindness. I will always remember him.  Miss you sir!

In life everyone needs someone who can tell him to trust yourself and don’t lose hope.

I miss also my teachers Trudl, Ines. The family who gave lot of love to the refugees. thanks to them.

Sebastian, my teacher on whose face you will always see hope. Amazing, happy personality. when i see him i become happy and forget all of my worries.

My two Old friends Miss Hummel and Hommels!!!

salute to them. Their age and their courage is amazing. They are over 80 and helping the refugees like they are 25-30 years of age.

Thanks to all of you coming in My life and Helping me.