Learning German for English Speakers


For sure knowing English makes learning German much easier (most of the time!).

For those of you who have a good command of the English language, you can find many YouTube channels that will certainly help you learn German. One of the best channels there is Learn German with Jenny. This tutor has a very good teaching approach, moreover she covers a wide aspect of the things one needs to focus on when learning the language (Grammar, listening comprehension, frequently used words, verbs and phrases). Besides, Jenny covers all levels from A1 „absolute beginner“ till C1 „advanced“. Her lessons are grouped and organized in a very professional way!! .. Enjoy!!

–> Below are links to her videos on YouTube:

1). Deutsch A1:


2). Deutsch A2:


3). Deutsch B1:


3). Deutsch B2:


4). Deutsch C1:


5). Grammer:


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